The Hope of Immunotherapy Sold to Cancer Patients on National TV:
But Does it Work for Everybody?

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Last updated: 14 March 2024

Step into the innovative world of cancer research with a recent blog post by Here to Serve, a beacon of support for families navigating the challenging journey of a cancer diagnosis

Penned by OBD’s own Dr. Joe Abdo, a two-time cancer survivor, and Joos Berghausen, a PhD candidate in Pharmacology at Georgetown University School of Medicine. The post dives into the dynamic realm of immunotherapy in cancer treatment, emphasizing its potential to extend survival for late-stage cancers.

They address the challenges of patient selection, revealing that immunotherapy is effective in only about 20% of cases.

The authors critique the widespread marketing of these drugs as a universal cure and highlight the limitations of current diagnostic tests. They introduce our one-of-a-kind blood test, EpiSwitch® Checkpoint inhibitor Response Test (CiRT), which analyzes 3D genomic information within immune cells, offering a more accurate prediction of immunotherapy response.

Despite the hurdles, the authors stress the significance of immuno-oncology in the ongoing fight against cancer, particularly with the global focus on cancer research. The blog provides valuable sources for further information on immunotherapy patient stratification and its applications, emphasizing the need for innovative approaches and effective diagnostics.

Click here to read the full blog post and equip yourself with knowledge that can transform the way we approach cancer immunotherapy treatment.

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