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The Vital Role of Patient Advocacy Groups in Prostate Cancer Care

Patient Advocacy Groups (PAGs) play a crucial role in the holistic care and support of prostate cancer patients.

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About Oxford BioDynamics

Computer screen with closeup of 3D genome and chromatin loops. Gloved hands typing at computer keyboard

Oxford BioDynamics PLC (AIM: OBD) is a global biotech company advancing personalized healthcare by developing and commercializing precision medicine tests for life-changing diseases. Its flagship products are the EpiSwitch CiRT (Checkpoint Inhibitor Response Test) and EpiSwitch® PSE (EpiSwitch Prostate Screening test) blood tests. CiRT predicts how a patient will respond to immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies. PSE is a blood test that boosts the predictive accuracy of a PSA test from 55% to 94% when testing the presence or absence of prostate cancer.

OBD's proprietary EpiSwitch® platform harnesses 3D genomic regulation biomarkers to develop molecular diagnostic classifiers for numerous indications, including predicting response to therapy, patient prognosis, disease diagnosis, and residual disease monitoring. For more information, please visit myOBDX.com.

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